Art at SPS, is designed for children to experience self-expression and find joy through the visual arts. Sometimes the process  of creating is more important than the product.
The curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge for the Visual Arts. The younger children Kindergarten through 3rd grades concentrate on learning about and exploring the Elements and Principles of Art.  The children are introduced to different art materials and get to express themselves and practice their skills. The children begin with drawing, painting, and collage and build on their abilities to work with more involved techniques such as printmaking, ceramics and three-dimensional work.

    The Middle School children, 4th through 8th grades, also work through the Elements and Principles of Art building on their skills and craftsmanship. The middle school curriculum includes more art history, starting with the classical Greek and Roman art moving through to the contemporary art of today.

  SPS has an annual Art Exhibit in the spring sponsored by the schools PTO. The show is held in the Hub Bub Showroom and is a fun filled special occasion. Every student has a piece of artwork on display, the local restaurants contribute wonderful appetizers and our amazing music department provides musical entertainment. This show helps to showcase our children’s talents and build self-confidence.

   In 2014 the PTO purchased a ceramic kiln for the art department. This addition makes it possible for our students to create more 3D clay pieces and experience the process of ceramic work from bisque firing to high quality glaze work.

Pablo Picasso once said “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” At SPS it is important that all our students get the chance to experience the success of creating through the visual arts and hopefully will be able to keep their joy and respect for arts as they grow.