Student learning is based on the following:    


1.  Creativity and innovation - Use your smart brains to come up with new ways to solve problems, express yourself, figure out how things work, and predict the future. 


2.  Communication and collaboration - Get together with the other smart brains in your class, figure out who is smart at what (everyone is smart at something), and create something great! 


3.  Research and information fluency - Anyone can copy a bunch of junk off Wikipedia.  To be technology literate is to figure out which information is important, be able to explain why it's important, and use it in smart, awesome ways. 


4.  Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making - Anything worth doing is worth doing well... and should not be boring.  Using technology as an aide, you'll learn how to plan, investigate, make up your mind, report, prove your point, and consider where other people are coming from. 


5.  Digital citizenship - If you use social media, you don't need me to tell you that people's online personality is totally different from their real-life personality.   Always respect yourself and others.


6.  Technology operations and concepts - It had to come up sometime.  How to use a computer.  This is where we'll be covering the "meat and potatoes" topics like home-row-typing, office applications, and organizing file systems.  No longer will you have to be that kid who writes an epic report but then forgets to attach it to an email.