Mandarin Chinese at SPS

Spartanburg Prep is excited to be partnering with the Chinese Culture and Education Center at USC Upstate to bring visiting international faculty to Spartanburg to teach our Mandarin as a foreign language to our students in grades K-8. Students are immersed in linguistically and culturally rich experiences two days per week for 45 minutes each day. 

Students in grades K-3 are assessed on a scale of 80% Culture and 20% Language skills in Mandarin throughout the year. Students in grades 4-8 are assessed on a balance of proficiency in Culture and Language. We are also proud to be offering Mandarin Chinese as a High School Foreign Language Credit, meeting state language standards for 9th Grade, to students identified as advanced in 8th Grade.

We would like to thank our sponsors for the Mandarin Chinese Program:  Chinese Cultural and Exchange Center and Hanban - Confucius Institute Headquarters