Principal Responsibilities

The SPS Board views the head of the school's, the Principal's, position in a triple capacity: (1) executive officer of the school, (2) instructional leader and accountable officer for all instructional personnel, and (3) liaison between the school's personnel and the Board. The Board delegates to the Principal the authority for the management and execution of day-to-day school activities, including management of personnel and instructional leadership. The Principal must lead, guide, and direct every member of the instructional and support services teams in setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence, so that each individual student enrolled in the school may have a complete, valuable, meaningful, and personally rewarding education. The Principal is responsible for providing a supportive environment for SPS employees and must promote academic freedom, trust, and respect among all employees.

The Principal's specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the school and to ensure that the school's mission is implemented with fidelity
  • Recommending policies, guidelines, and procedures for adoption by the Board
  • Carrying out the policies, guidelines, and procedures adopted by the Board
  • Leading the agency in recruitment and retention of the qualify staff required to provide proper instructional and support resources for the operation of the school program
  • Preparing the annual budget for Board approval
  • Conducting a continuous study of the development and needs of the school and keeping the public informed of those needs
  • Representing the school before the public and maintaining through cooperative leadership, both within and without the school, such a program of publicity and public relations as may keep the public informed of the activities, needs, and successes of the school
  • Overseeing modeling and implementation of curricula based on "best practices" that are aligned with standards of the SC Department of Education and also consistent with inquiry-based approaches to instruction
  • Overseeing assessment processes that monitor student learning and drive on-going curricular and instructional design
  • Planning and leading the school's professional development activities in collaboration with the faculty
  • Planning and implementing the master schedule in collaboration with the faculty
  • Evaluating all school staff, conducting observations of the instructional process
  • Ensuring that accurate and current student and personnel records are maintained according to the established record-keeping format
  • Staying abreast of current research in education in general and in inquiry-based curricum and instruction in particular
  • Carrying out all duties that may be assigned by the Board