About Us

A Better Choice for Public School

Public charter schools offer an alternative choice for parents who want to maximize their children’s academic and social potential. Like other public schools, attending Spartanburg Prep is free, with no tuition, and students from anywhere in South Carolina can apply.

Spartanburg Preparatory School is staffed by supportive teachers, administrators and staff who go the extra mile to help students and families feel supported. Our curriculum respects students’ developing ideas about how the world works and encourages them to question, consider and refine their understanding of the social and natural world. Our character education program is designed to help students develop skills that are central for healthy social and emotional development such as empathy, impulse control, respect, and problem-solving.


Why Choose Spartanburg Prep?


Spartanburg Preparatory School combines strong academics with social and emotional development for each child. Our school offers:

  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • 1:1 Technology
  • Uniforms
  • Dual Enrollment Classes
  • Gifted Academic & Arts Classes
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Foreign Language Classes
  • Middle School Sports
  • Single-Gender Classrooms


We encourage interested families to contact us to learn more, take a tour, or complete an application.




Our Mission

The mission of Spartanburg Preparatory School is to ensure equal access to a supportive school community that promotes high academic excellence using an inquiry-based approach to teaching!

Our Vision

Our vision is for every student to become a lifelong learner, a productive citizen who respects self and others, and a positive influence on the world.

Our Creed

WE are responsible for our own success.
WE will achieve our goals with hard work and integrity.
WE are dedicated, committed, and focused.
Today, WE will learn with enthusiasm, expect our best effort, be positive
influences, & respect ourselves and others.
WE believe in ourselves.
WE believe in each other.
We believe in Spartanburg Prep.


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